About Our Cannabis Design Team

Grass Fed Studio is rooted in our belief that the cannabis industry’s growth is vital to improving people’s lives. Our cannabis design team values working with those who feel the same way.

grass fed studio offices have high standards
People mingling at Grass Fed Studio cannabis event
Grass Fed Studio Mino Design Project
People mingling at Grass Fed Studio cannabis event

Our cannabis design team is a group of down-to-earth creatives who are passionate about moving the cannabis industry forward.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with Grass Fed Studio at connect@hellograssfed.com

Nate Azark

Founder & Creative Director

With over 20 years of professional experience, Nate is more than just a designer. He has mastered the art of translating a client’s thoughts into a strong and impactful visual presence.
When Nate isn’t working on crafting new brand experiences, you can find him spending time with his wife Nicole and son Brody, out on the golf course (weather permitting,) cooking in the kitchen or working to give back to the local community. Having a great work-life balance is important to Nate and one of his main reasons for starting Grass Fed Studio.

Mark Luessow Family

Mark Luessow

Studio Manager, Production Artist

Mark is an experienced Project Manager with a background in graphic production for a variety of industries. He has managed production departments and staff to continually improve on processes to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and deliver amazing results on time and on budget. He understands the practical side of design and knows what it takes to reproduce these in the real world to make sure the work always looks its best. This amazing project manager, perfect husband, and world’s greatest father can still shred the guitar, likes to stay up too late, and can’t outgrow cartoons.

While our cannabis design team is Midwestern born and raised, we are proud to work with amazing clients around the country.

Singing Praises for Grass Fed. Their big picture analysis put nuEra in a position to succeed for years to come.

Jonah Rapino – nuEra Cannabis

Grass Fed excels in creativity and craftsmanship, and it’s very apparent how much they care about their clients.

Karen Herold – Herold + Moss


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