Happie CBD

CBD Packaging, Branding, and Illustration

Happie Founder Pete Olander approached us with his idea for a CBD-infused mineral water. Together, we helped him narrow down names, and then walked him through our brand discovery and foundation process. Using our CBD packaging and branding skills, we established Happie’s upbeat, joyful, and laid back personality, in addition to the logo and visual and verbal identities

Close up of screen printed Happie logo on dark gray T-Shirt

Grass Fed turned my idea into something that people respond to. When people see the product they want to put it on their shelves or know where they can buy some.

Pete Olander – Founder

We tapped into our CBD packaging experience and developed a retro illustration style that captures a playful personality. The logo and layout is designed to bring a smile to your face. The design seamlessly extends across every flavor to evoke an epic happie dance.

Happie Water sell sheet

In addition to Happie’s overall look and feel, we designed and developed merchandise, sell sheets, and social media content. Happie showcases our cannabis design experience top to bottom starting with branding and identity and rounding out with illustration and packaging.