Herold + Moss

Cannabis Branding and Industry Consulting

With a passionate team hungry for help discovering their brand identity and voice, Herold + Moss sought out Grass Fed to take on the challenge. Our cannabis branding and industry consulting project began with the brand foundation and discovery process, where we found collaboration was vital to getting to the root of the Herold + Moss mantra.
Purple T-shirt mockup with Herold and Moss logos on front and back

Once we defined the Herold + Moss ethos and had the tagline – Rooted in Science – in place, we developed additional messaging to help them communicate with their audience and build their brand from the ground up. While we defined the brand identity and voice, our work went beyond cannabis design and took on a consultative role with advising on revenue streams and network development.

It’s easy and enjoyable to collaborate with Grass Fed. They take the time to listen, get to know you, and artistically translate your goals through their custom design process. They excel in creativity and craftsmanship, and it’s very apparent how much they care about their clients. Nate and the team go above and beyond the cannabis business side of things and have been a valuable, trusted resource as we grow our brand. Their genuine, kind nature is evident in how they communicate and everything they do. Grass Fed continues to surpass our expectations with their industry expertise, gorgeous designs, and caring relationships.

Karen Herold – Co-Founder

When I need an educated ear and industry insight, Grass Fed is my first call. Their talent and design skills produce amazing artwork with characteristic and customized themes. (Nate kicks ass with a pencil and paintbrush!) The bonus is the team’s candor and their vast network of cannabis professionals across all fields. Through their tight knit relationships, we’re able to connect with people and businesses that are key to our growth.

William Moss – Co-Founder
Herold and Moss Type
Herold and Moss Primary Color Palette
Herold and Moss Secondary Color Palette
Herold and Moss Illustration