Cannabis Branding and Illustration

With the goal of using NASA technology to improve cannabis cold storage and insulation, Spacewalker approached us to develop their brand identity and create custom illustrations with a nod to NASA’s past. After taking a deep dive into discovering the core of the SpaceWalker brand, this cannabis branding and illustration project kicked off with curating a primary tagline – We hold the cold. We then developed their logo and visual identity, all of which were inspired by NASA’s 1970s brand style guide.

Every idea I bring to the table with Grass Fed is a passion project. I always feel that I’m in good hands with Nate and the team, especially when the creative juices start flowing. Grass Fed never fails to steer me in a strategic and exciting direction.

Nik Nemikas – Founder

Since Spacewalker would be introducing cryo temperature usage to the cannabis space in an effort to preserve the most flavorful product, they knew with our cannabis design experience we could create a strong pitch deck for prospective investors. It was crucial to set a tech-forward modern tone through imagery and illustrations, and ensure the look was consistent throughout every piece of their brand identity.

Four pin-on buttons with SpaceWalker interlocked SW and astronaut logos