Cannabis Branding and Design Services

Grass Fed is a full-service creative studio whose team has decades of experience cultivating strong identities for companies through strategy, branding, and packaging. Cannabis branding and design is essential, so we always have your back:


Cannabis Brand Discovery & Foundation

During our discovery process, we’ll dig deep and learn the ins and outs of your business, defining the compelling reason your brand exists. From there, we’ll focus on your vision and who you want to appeal to and how, aligning your brand’s best features and benefits with your audience’s deepest desires. Finally, we’ll collaborate to identify a voice and personality that best fits your cannabis brand to create an impactful game plan.


Cannabis Branding and Design, Visual Identity, and Messaging

With our strategy in place, we’ll nail down every aspect of your identity – from your name and story to mission statement and persona – to clearly tell the story of who you are to the people that matter. We’ll bring your brand’s personality to life through taglines and messaging. Most importantly, we’ll create dynamic design elements like logos and illustrations to capture your cannabis brand’s essence and character.

Illustration of an opened cannabis chocolate bar


Cannabis Packaging Consulting + Design & Development

Our team visualizes dispensary shelves as gallery walls, prioritizing thoughtful and unique design. With complicated specifications that differ state-by-state, we’re here to provide clarity and develop custom cannabis packaging that will inspire and set your brand apart. We’ll create meaningful, memorable, and relevant packaging aka your secret weapon to standing out in an incredibly competitive industry.


Cannabis Web Design & Development + Social Strategy & Content Development

As the cannabis industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, your online presence cannot be overlooked. It must be memorable enough to keep your audience’s attention and align with your overall strategy. With your brand foundation as our guiding light, we’ll use our cannabis design skills to develop a website and social content that can’t be ignored.

Black baseball cap with embroidered purple Broadleaf Cannabis logo
Three Happie sparkling mineral water cans on blue background
SpaceWalker stylized halftone image of astronaut with logo and text overlay. "We hold the cold"